Configuration is using snmp to monitor Your device, so it is required that this devices is having snmp server running and accepting snmp queries from our pollers. Many devices has already snmp server installed and all need to be done is configure it to accept our queries (see values below). Instalation and configuration instructions for PCs migth be found:

Typical SNMP enabled host need to have 3 things configured:

  • SNMP version 1, 2c or 3: supports all versions but it is recommended to version 2c wherever it is possible
  • SNMP community (password): will accept any string value; for security reasons please use read-only community (often named as ro) so that anyone using this community can only read from snmp server.
  • addresses of host allowed to send snmp query
    To allow to query Your device please allow ip address There are many ways to ask for ip addresses, so to avoid confusion below there is a list of possible notations:
    - subnet: mask:
    - subnet
    - hosts:
    There was recent IP change from to Anyone using filtering should update the filter!
    All those notations are describing same address space.

Configuration of snmp server varies between all the platforms.

If You are having problems with Your server, contact us, maybe we already know the solution.