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DD-WRT v2.3 or earlier

Do following steps to add your DD-WRTv23 for monitoring:

  1. Prerequisites
    • Public IP on Your DDWRT box or configured port forwarding so that snmp is accessible from servers
    • DDWRTv24 with SNMP service (std or greater release)

  2. Enable SNMP service. Login to ddwrt web panel, go to Administration -> Services and enable SNMP service. Set RO community to your secret string (it will be kind of a password).
    You might also set name for the device. All other fields are not mandatory. Click 'Apply settings' what

  4. Enable queries. Go to 'Administration' > 'Diagnostics' and paste command
    /usr/sbin/iptables -I INPUT 1 -p udp --dport 161 -s -j logaccept
    and click 'Save firewall'.
    If you have DMZ enabled, please do the following: go to 'NAT/QoS' > 'Port Forwarding' and add following rule:
    App: snmp; Port from: 161; Protocol: UDP; IP Address: LAN or WAN ip of the router; Port to: 161; Enabled: Yes. Click Save and Apply

    This will add entry to Your firewall, which allows pollers to read snmp data required for monitoring.

  6. Test SNMP.
    After reconfiguring Your device please do the snmp test to make sure it will be working correctly.
    For security reasons it is allowed to query only system description (sysDescr, OID . standard value.
    Please specify hostname, snmp community and snmp version
    IP or hostname:

    : Use my detected IP

    SNMP Version

Graphs. This fast track will create following graphs for Your device: bandwidth on interfaces, CPU, memory, load average. After graph creation, wait 5 minutes for them to show up. Graph examples can be viewed here.

Make sure that You have configured and tested the SNMP on Your DDWRT box. If everything is working fine, press Next