Odmon monitoring setup

Here You can find few important information how to configure odmon.com to monitor Your device

  1. In order to start using odmon.com you need to create Your host. After login in, go to device menu and then click Add. Enter all necessary information like hostname, host-type (if Your type is not listed please use generic SNMP host template), snmp version and community. After that, click on create button and your host is added.
  2. Check if your snmp server replies to our query. After clicking create button for your host In case of red “SNMP error” on top of the page, please check your snmp server configuration, because odmon cannot access your device via SNMP. If SNMP works fine, you will be able to see some information from your host on the top of the page.
  3. Then you need to create graphs for newly created host. Click “Create graphs for this host” or go to New Graphs menu on the left. Here you can add your new graphs depending on chosen template (e.g. CPU or list of interfaces).
  4. In case of list of interfaces, use the checkboxes to specify what interfaces you want to monitor, then select graph type and click create button.
  5. You are done! From this moment odmon will start recurring process of monitoring selected values. Go to the graphs section at the top of the page and after about 10 minutes you might see first values being graphed.


Right now You can have two monitored devices configured in odmon. Number of graphs and monitored values is not limited.


Complete list of available templates can be found here. Right now only odmon administrators can update or add template information. We are working on more flexible solution, but for now please send Your requests to templates@odmon.com or via contact form. The best would be if You could send us the template, but even if You don’t have one tell us what You need and hopefully we will provide a solution.