Why odmon.com cannot access my device/SNMP server?

In order to start monitoring odmon.com must be able to read from your SNMP server. There are few things that need to be checked :

  1. Public IP or redirection: Since odmon must connect to your box it need to have public IP (not one like 10.x.x.x, 172.16.x.x, 192.168.x.x). Most of ISP are now giving their users public IP so it should not be a problem. If Your device is behind router or server that is doing connection sharing for home lan, you can try DMZ or redirects in order to direct snmp traffic (udp port 161) to this device.
  2. Firewall - make sure that there is no firewall blocking our requests. Do not turn off the firewall, just create allow rule for udp traffic on port 161 from hosts listed here (basically For security reasons it is possible to narrow read scope for given community. Please refer to your snmp server documentation
  3. Wrong community - snmp community is a password, so it must be given correctly. Use community that is exactly the same as You configure it in device.
  4. Wrong host - double check the ip or hostname of queried device
  5. Is snmp server running? - check if your snmp server/service is running

If you have checked all above issues, try test again, it should be working fine now! If it does not help, consider contacting us - maybe we might help:)