What is odmon.com?

Odmon.com is a monitoring solution that allow You to measure all aspects of Your network devices with only Internet connection. You can monitor values like CPU or bandwidth usage and then view the trends as graphs
It is a Cacti based solution allowing SNMP monitoring of Your devices.

How it works?

Odmon.com queries Your devices for configured information and stores it in database. The query is repeated every few minutes and then presented as graph. More details about the query process can be found here.

What new with online device monitoring?

Current monitoring systems are divided in two groups: web monitoring and internal monitoring. What is called a web monitoring is a set of online tools to check web servers availability. You can get response statistics, ping reply times etc but You will not know nothing about how Your hardware is doing. External monitoring like this has no way to know this.
On the other hand there are a lot of complex monitoring solutions that covers most of the aspects. Those solutions are good for large scale networks, but are too expensive for small office or home use. Those solutions require specialized staff and dedicated servers.

Web monitoring Internal monitoring ODMON - Online device monitoring
Description Monitoring based on access to services like www. Basically checks if the web page is up Monitoring based on specialized software. Monitors internal state of the devices. Installed in Your company Monitors services and internal device state via Internet
Free No No (either the software is expensive or You need to purchase server to run free software) Yes
Able to check Internet visibility + - +
Able to check Internal state (e.g. Memory usage, CPU) - + +
Available from Internet + -/+ +
Helps strategic planning of efficient hardware use (trends) - + +
Requires special training - + -

How to start using odmon.com?